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5 Key Things To Do Before You Retire!

You think it is getting close to pulling the plug on the 9 to 5 job that you have had for longer then you care to think about. You should be bit nervous about not having that regular pay check, the health care benefits and paid vacation. With no paycheck and often little chance of going back to work, you …

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5 Reasons Most Will Not Be Able To Retire Early

Many people seek financial planning advice to get a better handle on their over all financial situation and to better understand what they need to do to better meet their future goals.

A very common goal is to “retire early” and lead the, good life! Normal retirement age, is defined by Social Security, for those born after 1960, would be …

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New Social Security Rules Will Reduce Benefits for Some Future Retirees

The file-and-suspend strategy was highly recommended by advisors as a way to increase a couple’s Social Security benefits (for either the worker and/or their spouse/eligible dependent) over their lifetime. Under the new law, many of those benefits will disappear after this month.

The new rules go into effect after April 29th so any retiree considering filing needs to move …

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7 Ways To Have The Most Successful Retirement

With the recent stock market returns, low interest rates, people living longer, uncertainty about social security and increasing medical costs, having a successful retirement is a concern of the vast majority of Americans.

The issue: What can be done to make one’s future retirement better? Below are some general areas that should be addressed. The sooner one makes decisions in …

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10 Keys to Proper Estate Planning

*Published on Nerdwallet

Estate planning is the process of determining what happens to you and your property when you can no longer make decisions because of incapacity or death.

Without a plan, an already difficult situation for your loved ones can be even worse. Not having a plan can delay your medical care if you become incapacitated and make it …

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Why I Fired the Bank of America after 44 years

In the 70’s. while attending college in California, I was awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the Bank of America after I placed first in a debate in the field of science. That made me a BoA customer for life, or so I thought. In fact, I was a committed customer for years; first in Sacramento and in Santa Rosa, later …

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Searching for Financial Advisors Online: What You Should Know

When you’ve realized it’s time to get some professional help from the financial services industry, you’ll probably start with a Google search. You might enter phrases like “financial planner,” “financial advisor,” “investment advisor” or “wealth manager,” plus the name of your city, in hopes of finding the right person to guide your financial life. Unfortunately, these terms can be used …

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Evidence-Based Investing: The Better Way to Invest

Evidence-Based Investing (“EBI”) is not a topic that is well known to many investors. And of those who have heard of it, only a few understand it.

EBI is patterned along the lines of Evidence-Based Medicine, which is designed to optimize decision-making for patient care. Stressing the use of evidence from well-designed and accepted research has shown to …

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Mutual Fund Fees: What Investors Need to Know

Many mutual fund companies offer different types — or “classes” — of the same investment fund. Every share class has the same investment objectives and invests in the same pool of securities. But each has different fees and expenses and, therefore, different performance results.

The term “class” is misleading. It’s easy to think that an A-class share is better than …

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Tax-Free, Taxable or Tax-Deferred Accounts: Where Should Your Investments Be?

To build assets for the future, investors seek to create diversified portfolios with a mix of investments that match their time horizon and their appetite for risk. In practice, that means portfolios are generally composed of different types of equity (stocks) and fixed-income (cash and bonds) investments.

But beyond the mix of investments you hold, where you hold various assets …