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May 18, 2009 – Investment Watchdog

State Farm Rejects CFP® Consumer Safeguards for It’s Agents

Americans don’t learn about finances in school but rather from the school of “hard knocks” (experience). When it comes to finances, many turn for help. The problem is virtually anyone can be called a financial advisor, including stockbrokers and insurance salesman.

Recently, the CFP Board, put stricter standards in place by …

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May 1, 2009 – Investment Watchdog

The “Best-Investment” ever…well, maybe not!

The stock market has tanked! You want to invest in something that is safe but you can’t live with the low interest rates at the bank. You get an invitation in the mail for a free lunch and the opportunity to learn about how to invest in a program that immediately gives you a 7% …

Posted By: CFP&WM On: Feb 5th, 2010 In: Estate planning Insurance/risk mitigation

Long-Term Care Premium Hikes on the Way

If you made the decision to buy a long-term care insurance policy about a decade ago, you may be getting a big rate increase in premium this year.

Prudential insurance company anticipates increases in premiums between 18 and 25% for those policies issued between 1999 and 2003. MetLife anticipates increases of 18% on those policies with the series LTC 97

Posted By: CFP&WM On: Jan 27th, 2010 In: Investing

Dollar Cost Averaging: Facts and Myths

Most everyone has heard the term “dollar cost averaging” (DCA) as a way to invest money into the market. Unfortunately, there is much misunderstanding about the topic including the validity of the process.

Let’s look at an example of DCA. Lets say you just inherited $20,000 and you decided to invest it in the stock market. Once you have determined …

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California Dept. of Corporations Has "Must Read" Publication

In over 25 years for helping people to preserve, protect and grow their assets, many publications have crossed my desk. All were designed to help those approaching or in retirement. Perhaps the best one ever is from the Ca Dept of Corporations and is free. “Protect Yourself from Fraud” is easy to read, well written covers a large variety of …

Posted By: CFP&WM On: Jan 13th, 2010 In: Financial planning General info

The Difference Between “Saving” and “Investing”

As a financial planner, I work with clients of all ages and income levels. The basis of good financial planning is great communication between the clients and the planner. Clients are always encouraged to ask any question that pops into their mind. Recently, a young newlywed who is expecting her first baby was in the office and said: I have

Posted By: CFP&WM On: Jan 8th, 2010 In: Estate planning

Issues to Consider Before You Get Married

A fair number of us over the age of 55 are single, and if we are lucky, there is a chance that we may fall in love. The question is: “Does getting married make sense at this point in our lives?”

Years ago, I was working with a couple, and the husband had a terminal disease. Several years after he …

Posted By: CFP&WM On: Jan 6th, 2010 In: Investing

Tech Stock, Housing Boom and Bust – Is Gold Next?

Most everyone remembers the run up of the price of tech stocks about ten years ago. It was commonly referred to as the dot com bubble. The technology laden NASDAQ composite index went from roughly 800 to 5000 in six years, only to have it come tumbling down. In reality, the value was just not there.

More recently we’ve had …

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Protect Yourself From Investment Fraud

The media is full of stories about investment fraud and sales abuse. Wells Fargo was sued by the State of California for selling investments that were not as safe as reported. Bank of America was sued for involvement in a Ponzi scheme. Ameriprise paid a fine for selling products unsuited to clients retirement accounts. And of course the Bernie Madoff

Posted By: CFP&WM On: Dec 30th, 2009 In: Financial planning Investing My soap box

Legislature Does Not Protect Investors

Congress is reportedly attempting to improve the safeguards for the investing public. Sweeping financial services reform legislation was approved last week in the House of Representatives. But there were some evidently last minute changes inserted into the bill by lobbyists to benefit big Wall Street Broker Dealers such as Charles Schwab.

Registered Investment Advisors give investment advice and they have