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14 Ways to Fail at Investing, and 5 Steps for Success

*Published on NerdWallet

There are many reasons why people don’t succeed in investing. Whether it’s information overload, impatience, a lack of necessary tools or simple bad luck, plenty of things can derail a good plan.

In most cases, though, it’s the investor who’s responsible for his or her own failure. We make decisions based on emotions and character traits that …

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Gifting Appreciated Securities: A Win-Win-Win Scenario

With the holidays and year-end quickly approaching, now would be a good time to discuss an alternative to a cash charitable donation.

While it’s certainly worthwhile when you drop your loose change into the Salvation Army kettles, there can be more tax beneficial ways to gift larger amounts.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Laura Scharr-Bykowsky, CFP®

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Business Development Companies are an Investment Option with High Dividends

In this low interest rate environment many people are looking for opportunities to collect higher payouts. Business Development Companies (BDC) are a rather rapidly expanding area that may well be worth considering but only with the understanding that higher returns only comes with higher risks.

A BDC is similar to the better known venture capital or private equity fund in …

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The 2013 Best Rated Mutual Fund Families According to Investment Advisors

Recommendations and name recognition can be a good thing when you’re looking for a new restaurant. It makes sense to ask a friend or family member you know that has similar taste to yours. A well-known name brand might also generally be a sure bet too.

But when it comes to your investments, a friend’s referral, though surely well intentioned, …

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What an Index Fund Reconstitution Means to Investors

Say you had a crystal ball and while gazing into it you discovered that a few days hence three particular stocks were going to be hit with enormous buy orders while a different three would have a huge sell off. What do you suppose might happen? It would not be unreasonable to assume that mere moments later traders would get …

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Angie’s List: Off Base Advice on Financial Planners

Angie’s List (ANGI) is a much advertised method of reviewing recommendations of other individuals as to their “personal” experiences when dealing with a variety of trades and professions, which include contractors, doctors and financial advisors.

I have no experience with Angie’s List personally but I did run across a 2009 blog quoting Angie entitled, “Hiring a Financial Planner: Angie’s List …

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What’s The Difference? Mutual Funds And Exchange Traded Funds Explained

Mutual Funds have been a popular way to invest for several decades. On the other hand, Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs as they are commonly known, are relatively new but are quickly gaining popularity for their low-cost and their better tax treatment. There are some differences of which you should be aware.

Mutual Funds

As a review, a Mutual Fund …

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Socially Responsible Investing: Would Avoiding Investments in Gun Manufacturers Reduce Gun Violence?

Can Socially Responsible Investing Help

It is with great pain and sorrow that many of us can too easily recall the awful and tragic shooting which took place last year in a Colorado theater, followed a few months later by yet another shooting, this time in a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, and even more recently and that much more horrifying …

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Socially Responsible Investing: What You Need To Know

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

Individuals everywhere are concerned about our country, the world, its people and the environment. For these and other reasons, more people are investing their money to get back more than just a monetary return on their investment. Many are investing to make a positive impact in our country and around the world as well as …

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Have What It Takes To Invest On Your Own? Part 2

Figuring out how much help you need with your investments can be difficult but here’s some guidance to get you started.

In the first article we listed the important tasks for successful investing. A check list was provided to help aide you in determining which task you were able to do yourself and identify which areas you might need some …