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April 2016
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5 Key Things To Do Before You Retire!

You think it is getting close to pulling the plug on the 9 to 5 job that you have had for longer then you care to think about. You should be bit nervous about not having that regular pay check, the health care benefits and paid vacation. With no paycheck and often little chance of going back to work, you …

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5 Reasons Most Will Not Be Able To Retire Early

Many people seek financial planning advice to get a better handle on their over all financial situation and to better understand what they need to do to better meet their future goals.

A very common goal is to “retire early” and lead the, good life! Normal retirement age, is defined by Social Security, for those born after 1960, would be …

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New Social Security Rules Will Reduce Benefits for Some Future Retirees

The file-and-suspend strategy was highly recommended by advisors as a way to increase a couple’s Social Security benefits (for either the worker and/or their spouse/eligible dependent) over their lifetime. Under the new law, many of those benefits will disappear after this month.

The new rules go into effect after April 29th so any retiree considering filing needs to move …

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Long Term Care Insurance Becoming Tougher for Women to Purchase

It’s true that men have always paid more for life insurance then women based simply on the fact that women statistically live longer.  A similar pricing structure is about to come to the long term care insurance industry, only in favor of men this time around, and for the exact same reason.

Women Live Longer and Will Pay More

On …

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Socially Responsible Investing: What You Need To Know

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

Individuals everywhere are concerned about our country, the world, its people and the environment. For these and other reasons, more people are investing their money to get back more than just a monetary return on their investment. Many are investing to make a positive impact in our country and around the world as well as …

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Tax Refund: Good and Bad Ways to Spend It!

Millions of households have received or will be receiving income tax refund checks from both the state and federal governments. What will you do with your refund check?

Good ways to spend the tax refund

Pay down credit card debt. It’s been a few tough years and maybe you, like many people, have used the credit card to get through …

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You Should Carry a Medical Emergency Card

Senior Spectrum – April 6, 2010

A medical emergency can happen at any time. How you are prepared may save your life.

Imagine you are walking, you trip, fall, bump your head and are unconscious. Someone will be there to call 911, the ambulance arrives, places you on the gurney and takes you to the hospital. Upon admittance, the hospital …

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Think You Might be an Over-Spender?

Senior Spectrum – March 23, 2010

Have you been concerned about your shopping habits? If you think you may have been spending more than you can afford or have compulsive shopping tendencies, you need to look carefully at how you spend money and the consequences of that excessive spending.

The following questions can help determine if you have compulsive spending …