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Five Mistakes Seniors Make with Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Part D is the drug coverage for those on Standard Medicare and covers the majority of seniors in the US. Every year millions of seniors make simple errors that cost them hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars on their drug coverages.

Near the end of each year the insurance companies that offer Medicare Part D drug plans change their …

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5 Ways to Trim Your Investing Taxes

Most investors think about asset allocation, risk and return, and passive versus active strategies when making investment decisions. But taxes should be a primary concern as well because they can have a major impact on your overall returns.

Here’s a closer look at five areas where the right action can lower your tax bill on investments.

1. Tax reporting methodology

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Do I need a Second Opinion on My Investments?

This is a simple question and for most investors that are pondering the question, the answer is YES. The two reasons are that most investors do not properly understand their holdings and most advisors are not providing clients with the information so the clients understand what they own.

To best answer the question in your specific case, you need to …

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A Checklist for Your Financial Plan

*Published on NerdWallet

“What’s in your wallet?” Most everyone has heard the question posed in commercials for Capital One credit cards. It’s pretty catchy, but perhaps an even more important question is this: What’s in your financial plan?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Generally speaking, the reason to have a financial plan is to better balance …

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What College Students Need to Know About Money

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The financial life of a typical college student is rather simple, but unfortunately, many students still aren’t equipped to handle money. They often arrive at college not knowing how to budget, how credit cards work or how to understand ATM and debit card fees. And while many students take out loans to attend school, they may not …

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What Women Want

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With women controlling more than half of all personal wealth in the U.S., you’d think financial advisors would be working extra hard to appeal to female clients — especially when you consider that women are more likely than men to seek help from a financial professional.

And yet, research shows many women are far from satisfied with …

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Retirement Planning: What You Can and Can’t Control

*Published by NerdWallet

There are so many articles and books about retirement that it would take practically your entire retirement to read them all. However, there are really just eight primary factors that determine your chances of retirement success. And of these key drivers, only half are fully within your control.

What’s beyond your control

You should understand these factors, …

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Got A Variable Annuity? Get a Second Opinion

If you own a variable annuity, no matter the quality of the company that issued the contract, the primary question you should ask is: “What is the best option on my variable annuity for me going forward?”

Those various options generally include:

  • • Keeping the annuity as is.
  • • Keeping the annuity but changing the investment lineup.
  • • Exchanging the
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Are You Ready For Both Death And Taxes?

The old adage “nothing is certain but death and taxes” is very true. Since income taxes occur on an annual basis we think about them frequently. Our own death, however, we seldom think about or plan for. That’s a problem.

One of my clients recently passed away leaving his wife and two adult children. The events that transpired could have …

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Refinance Your Home Loan Now

The mortgage payment is one of the biggest items in most homeowners’ budgets. A smaller payment means more to spend elsewhere.

Interest rates on home loans are at the lowest level in 60 years. This is an opportunity to save on interest payments and use the saving to finance other goals.

Consider a homeowner who has a mortgage of $250,000 …