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Mutual Fund Fees: What Investors Need to Know

Many mutual fund companies offer different types — or “classes” — of the same investment fund. Every share class has the same investment objectives and invests in the same pool of securities. But each has different fees and expenses and, therefore, different performance results.

The term “class” is misleading. It’s easy to think that an A-class share is better than …

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Tax-Free, Taxable or Tax-Deferred Accounts: Where Should Your Investments Be?

To build assets for the future, investors seek to create diversified portfolios with a mix of investments that match their time horizon and their appetite for risk. In practice, that means portfolios are generally composed of different types of equity (stocks) and fixed-income (cash and bonds) investments.

But beyond the mix of investments you hold, where you hold various assets …

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Claiming a Home Office Deduction? It’s Much Easier This Year, Here’s How

Ever since the inception of the Internet, home offices have been growing by leaps and bounds; by one estimate more than three million taxpayers can make that claim. While there are any number of benefits to having a home office, one irksome negative was the burden involved in substantiating the home office deduction and the Internal Revenue Service’s complicated and …

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Investing: Gender-Based Differences

Investing: Gender-Based Differences

The more you know about yourself, in particular, and investing, in general, the more likely it is that you will obtain a better investing results.

The intent of this article is twofold: primarily, it is to raise your awareness of certain gender-based investing tendencies and secondarily, it is to make you a better investor given what you …

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Dead Man With Outdated Beneficiary Documents Gave $1 Million to Ex-Wife

A widow recently came to the office and told a sad story that everyone should hear.

Her husband “John” went to school, got married, built a successful company, had 3 kids, got a messy divorce, remarried and died. The problem is that his Transamerica life insurance policy and his Keogh retirement plan at Merrill Lynch listed his 1st wife as …

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Put Your Home Back into Your Trust after a Refinance

Having a living trust allows your appointed trustee to control your assets if you become incapacitated. This trust also enables you to avoid probate upon your passing.

When you establish your trust, your attorney will prepare a quit claim deed that transfers your home to your trust. No problem, all is good…until you refinance.

Most lenders want to place the …

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Senior Spectrum September 8, 2009

Avoid Problems When Lending Money to Family

It can happen at any time. Your child or grandchild describes to you a financial predicament they are in and then asks you for a loan. The reasons can be varied — the purchase of a home, schooling costs, job layoff, health problems or to decrease credit card debt.

Regardless of the reason, …

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Senior Spectrum June 30, 2009

Your Money Matters
Avoiding Family Conflicts with Your Illness or Death.
By Michael Chamberlain, CFP

Conflict and arguing within the family is the last thing anyone wants to have happen. Unfortunately, many people fail to have the proper estate planning documents so at the time of serious illness or death there is uncertainty, which creates discourse and strife from which …

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Senior Spectrum June 23, 2009

Your Money Matters
10 Tips for These Difficult Economic Times
by Michael Chamberlain CFP

The recent economic changes impact everyone and particularly those who are retired. Whether it is a drop in value of your retirement account or a decrease in interest rates at the banks, everyone has noticed.

The question is what can retirees do now to shore …

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Senior Spectrum July 7, 2009

Your Money Matters
Tips for a More Successful Retirement
By Michael Chamberlain, CFP

At a recent meeting of retirees, a presentation of “The 10 biggest retirement planning mistakes” was given. There were many questions and much discussion. Everyone left having a few pearls of wisdom to take home.

When all the others were gone, a retired teacher approached me and …