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Can’t Cope With Stock Market Fluctuations? Think Like a Real Estate Investor

*Published on NerdWallet

The recent stock market downturn shook a lot of investors who had gotten used to seemingly never-ending good times during the past few boom years. An across-the-board drop in all equity classes last quarter — small, large, U.S. and foreign — was a slap of cold reality.

Did you get a sense of dread every time you …

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3 Steps to Get the Best Medicare Part D Plan for You

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No one wants to pay more than necessary for health insurance or prescription drugs. But every year, many enrollees in Medicare Part D prescription coverage plans end up wasting thousands of dollars.

This occurs simply because they fail to review and evaluate the changes that are being made to their current plans for the coming year. Insurance …

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The 2013 Best Rated Mutual Fund Families According to Investment Advisors

Recommendations and name recognition can be a good thing when you’re looking for a new restaurant. It makes sense to ask a friend or family member you know that has similar taste to yours. A well-known name brand might also generally be a sure bet too.

But when it comes to your investments, a friend’s referral, though surely well intentioned, …

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Shopping for Medicare Part D Drug Plan is Critical

If you are covered by Medicare Part D and are not on an employer or group plan, this is critical information. Open enrollment for the Medicare Part D Drug plans started on October 15th. You have until December 7th to determine which is the best plan for you in 2014 and make the needed change. It could …

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8 Tips to Prevent Financial Loss

It’s been said that crooks are ingenious in the ways that they exploit opportunities. The real problem is that many people provide those opportunities on a regular basis without knowing. The trick is to be less cavalier, less predictable, more thoughtful and ever vigilant to thwart those who would do you financial harm.  It is not normal for you to …

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What an Index Fund Reconstitution Means to Investors

Say you had a crystal ball and while gazing into it you discovered that a few days hence three particular stocks were going to be hit with enormous buy orders while a different three would have a huge sell off. What do you suppose might happen? It would not be unreasonable to assume that mere moments later traders would get …

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Will You Pay the New ObamaCare Tax?

Now that Obama-care has been blessed by the Supreme Court, those couples with incomes over $250,00 a year and singles over $200,000 should be aware that your taxes could well be going up January first!

When Congress passed Obama-care in 2010, it added a new surtax. While we are waiting for conformation from the IRS, it is believed that the …

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5 Key Estate Planning Documents to Help Avoid Family Conflicts

This week is National Estate Planning Week. The hope is to raise awareness as to the importance of having the proper estate planning documents to protect you, your family and your assets. An added bonus is to decrease family strife and discourse at the time of serious illness or death.

Below is a review of the documents you may need …

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Think Twice About Buying Gold

It’s hard not to notice that gold is over the $1,300 an ounce when newspapers, TV and Internet remind us of it on a weekly basis. The reason for the increase in gold price is fear. The fear of chronic government deficits, risk of recession, risk of inflation, as well as the devaluation of our currency compared to that of

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What Type of Investor are You?

The other day, my five-year old granddaughter asked me, “Grandpa, if you could be an animal what would you be?” It was fun talking with her about all the possibilities.

As a Registered Investment Advisor and financial planner working with a wide variety of clients, the question made me think that there are different types of investors who seem to