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Comparing Traditional to Evidence-Based Investing

Evidence-based investing integrates a similar methodology as the more widely known evidence-based medicine, which incorporates broadly accepted research with sound design to optimize the decision-making thought process for the best outcome for the patient. The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford in the United Kingdom has high praise for the process, noting that, “Evidence-Based Medicine is the conscientious, explicit, and …

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Yelp to Find Advisors

Yelp is a very popular online site where consumers post ratings based on their personal experience of retail stores, restaurants and service providers. The simplicity of the site is that if you see that 200 people had been to a particular restaurant and each had a very good experience, there’s a good chance that you will have a favorable experience

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How to Make the Most of Your Donor Advised Fund

Donor advised funds (DAF) are one of the fastest growing vehicles for charitable giving for those in the upper middle and affluent classes. There are many reasons for this growth, including:

  • Income tax benefits
  • Ease of ongoing operation
  • Flexibility in changing favorite charities over time
  • Encouragement for younger generations to be charitably minded.

There are three primary tasks associated with

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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Donor-Advised Fund

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are often used by the charitably-minded middle class, as well as the affluent, to benefit their favorite charities and do so in the most tax-efficient fashion. A DAF is a great option for charitable giving for those that would like to be anonymous in their donations, want to be tax efficient with their charitable efforts, provide

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Donor Advised Fund- 2016 Could Be the Best Year to Establish Yours!

Most everyone has heard of the Clinton Foundation, as well as the largest private foundation in the U.S., which is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But there is a rapidly growing methodology for the affluent to benefit their favorite charity (and get a tax break at the same time) without the costs and hurdles of establishing a family foundation.…

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In Whom We Trust


    A new federal rule is about to shake up the business of retirement financial advice

    For a sense of how fungible the label “financial adviser” has become, talk to Mike Chamberlain of Chamberlain Financial Planning & Wealth Management, which has an office in Sacramento. “’Financial services industry’ is a very broad term,” he says, “and I don’t like

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For Before You Get Married, Financial “To Do List”

For a variety of reasons, far too many marriages end in divorce. Relationship counselor Peter Saddington says that money issues are the number one cause of divorce and according to a survey of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professionals, money issues are the third leading cause of divorce.

No matter where “money issues “ falls on the list of primary causes …

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The Difference Between Having an Estate Plan and Wealth Transfer Plan

Unfortunately, only about 45% of adult Americans have estate-planning documents. Generally, as one accumulates more assets as they becomes older, the probability of having estate-planning documents increases.

When you die without a will or trust, the State in which you reside has laws that determine to whom your assets will go. This may or may not be what you want. …

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“Brexit” and Its Impact on the Stock Markets

Everyone knows that Brexit is an abbreviation of “British exit” and refers to Britain’s vote to withdraw from the European Union. When the UK voted to leave the EU the stock markets reacted around the world.

On Thursday June 24th the day after the vote, most markets were down and lost even more through Monday the 27 th.…

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Key Financial Decisions: How an Objective Planner Can Help

Whether you need guidance on specific issues or you’re not sure what to tackle next, working with an objective advisor can help you in key areas of your financial life.

An objective financial planner or advisor is one who has minimal conflicts of interest and always has your best interests in mind.

Fee-only advice

An objective advisor doesn’t receive commissions …